Posted on 06-May-2019

eglas - Landscapers & Weed Control Anglesey & Gwynedd

SLUGS aarrgh! Now that we're beginning to plant out tender seedlings, we have some suggestions as to how to deal with those pesky slugs. DEFRA has ruled that slug pellets containing metaldehyde pose an unacceptable risk to birds and mammals and will be outlawed from the end of June 2019. Organic pellets will still be available however. Natural alternatives include the introduction of predators, eg frogs and toads; biological controls such as nematodes which are microscopic works and can be found in some garden centres; barriers such as copper tape or crushed eggshells; beer traps, which leave a rather disgusting mess needing to be emptied; or garlic spray which can be made from boiling 5 cloves in a litre of water, straining and spraying on the leaves of susceptible plants.
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